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Free the Fro

Free the Fro

ORIGINAL | 120 x 160 / Acrylic

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All trends change. Fashion styles change and each decade a new body type or brow look is the “right look”. And even hairstyles change from year to year. We go from bangs, to bobs to long and sleek. Yet, the afro has never been THE look. Ever! Why that is, is a mystery to me.

And then you might say “Well… that’s because not everyone can have an afro” and you might be right. But how come it is possible for a woman (or man) with an afro to chemically burn their hair and spend 💰💰💰 and get hair straight frizzless hair looking like silk?? Because there was a demand for it.

For decades black and brown women (and men!) have had to change themselves to become more accepted. To become more integrated in the society they live in. And sometimes (and this is the worst part) even to love their own reflection when they look in the mirror. I have cousins that have naturally afro hair and I haven’t seen their natural hair since they were kids. 🥺 Maybe you weren’t aware of this, but this is sadly the truth for most people of colour that dont have naturally “nice-looking” hair. Just look at Beyoncé. And Oprah. And Michelle Obama. I bet you they wouldn’t have been as popular had they kept and branded themselves with their natural hair. And they for sure wouldn’t have been taken as seriously. And sadly, still too many people view the afro as something exotic and something fun, not as a professional look. But times are changing and people are being more aware of the equality of human beings in more than financial ways, so I hope to see the afro amongst the popular hairstyles of 2023. Because representation is important.


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