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When We Meet

When We Meet

ORIGINAL | 50 x 70 / Acrylic

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I came to Denmark when I was only 2 years old. I’ve had a very Danish upbringing with Christmas as the biggest celebration of the year and leverpostej in my lunchbox for school. This was a deliberate choice of my parents as they wanted us to feel like everyone else. My parents even strategically moved us to a specific area as a way to quickly integrate our family into the Danish culture.

As a young girl in elementary school, I was always surprised when people asked where I was from. At first I didn’t know what they meant. And for a long time I didn’t understand why people only asked me and not my friends. Later on I realized that I looked different than everyone else as all my friends were blondes with blue eyes. But up untill someone asked me where I was from I thought I was just like everyone else. I never thought of myself as different untill it was pointed out to me.

The questions never stopped and when I reached high school I started replying with “Bredballe”, the area I was raised. And when that wasn’t a good enough answer I followed up with “Vejle”, my hometown and usually that stopped people from asking again.

In Iran where I was born it’s the same thing. Just completely opposite. I look like everyone else there but my mentality and even sense of humour differs.

It’s like here I push to be accepted but I am always made aware that I am different by others (or atleast they try to find differences but often times surprised when they get to know me). And in Iran they stand with open arms welcoming me everywhere I place my feet, yet I am trying to bring out all the differences between us myself because my genetics doesn’t define who I am.

Meanwhile, all I’m doing is trying to find out where I belong. 🌳


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